The INV-10 Parametric HVAC Controller stands as a versatile and indispensable component in the field of HVAC applications. Offering precise control and management of essential parameters, it allows for efficient regulation of heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidity, delivering an optimal indoor environment. Its user-friendly interface provides ease of use and flexibility, while its compatibility with a range of sensors and devices ensures seamless integration within diverse HVAC systems. Whether in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, or residential complexes, the INV-10 brings enhanced comfort and energy savings, making it a smart choice for any HVAC application. With its comprehensive features and adaptability, it empowers you to attain better temperature control, improved air quality, and ultimately, greater energy efficiency.


  • Suitable for a Range of Solutions

    Whether you require air-cooled or water-cooled chillers, rooftop packages, or AHUs, our product is designed to meet your diverse needs.

  • Enhanced Control with Electronic Expansion Valve

    Our system supports up to 2 EEVs with a wide selection of valve manufacturer profiles, including Alco, Sporlan, Carel, Danfoss, and Sanhua, providing you with versatile options for precision control.

  • Up to two refrigeration circuits control

    Our advanced system supports up to 2 refrigeration circuits, seamlessly controlled with features such as condenser fan VFD and compressor inverter mode for optimal efficiency and performance.

  • Robust Input and Output Options:

    Our system offers 10 digital I/O ports and 8 analog inputs, complemented by 2 analog outputs. Additionally, benefit from opto-isolated digital inputs with 8 SSR outputs and 2 reliable relays for enhanced performance.

    Available in two convenient sizes: 6 I/O and 10 I/O, allowing you to choose the configuration that best suits your specific requirements. With option to choose built-in eev drive in 6 I/O model.

  • Connectivity at its best!

    RS-485 with Modbus protocol, GSM, and Bluetooth options to enhance your connection experience

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INV Series - Installation and User Instructions

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INV-10 Data Sheet Rev1 2024

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