INV-T5-IR-M is a multi-purpose remote controlled thermostat for different applications such as 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan coils with 3 speed motors, Ceiling concealed AHU, or Indoor unit for DX application. This thermostat is equipped with temperature sensor to be placed at inlet plenum or return duct. For Thermostat Control you can use the infrared sensor connected to the thermostat and place it on the exposed fan coil / AHU or to be placed on an external diffuser. It can also connect to the building management system (BMS) via RS-485 with Modbus protocol to control and monitor the device.


  • The Ultimate Remote Thermostat for All Your HVAC Needs.

    Your Versatile Remote-Controlled Thermostat for a Wide Range of Applications, Including Fan Coils, Ceiling Concealed AHUs, and Indoor DX Units.

  • Seamless Integration:

    Connects to Your Building Management System for Effortless Device Control and Monitoring via RS-485 with Modbus Protocol.

  • Versatile Control:

    Choose from 4 Modes (Cooling, Heating, Ventilation, and Dry), Enjoy Manual or Automatic 3-Speed Fan Control, utilize 5 Output Relays, Monitor and Control Zone Temperatures, and Ensure Anti-Freeze Protection Functionality. Compatible with Various IR Remote Controls for Enhanced Convenience.

  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips.

    This thermostat features a temperature sensor that can be positioned in the inlet plenum or return duct. You can control it using the infrared sensor connected to the thermostat, placing it either on the exposed fan coil/AHU or on an external diffuser for optimal performance.

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