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Empowering Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Quality: Aban Energy's Journey

Aban Energy, driven by the technical expertise of its members and collaboration with esteemed professors from Sharif University of Technology, was founded with a mission to optimize energy consumption in cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, and industrial settings. Our product range encompasses control boards, inverters, fan speed controls, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, and flowmeters bearing the INVOTECH brand, exclusively dedicated to domestic sales. All Aban Energy products adhere to the highest international quality standards and undergo rigorous testing.

The areas we provide in the automation sector

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Clean Room
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Food Preservation
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Aban Energy Sazazan Company is developing and completing its technical and sales team. If you want to join our colleagues and be a member of the Aban Energy family, you can check the company's active job positions and send us your job request.

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